Having been in the design business since 1987, I’ve held onto a few fundamentals. With a degree in vocal music and further study in interior design, the two share buzz words like balance, harmony, repetition, juxtaposition, and scale. Most of us know what they mean in music, but in design they hold a different meaning.

I firmly believe in Timeless, Classic style. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a few trendy things, but experience leads the way with satisfaction to the client along with financial investments of furnishing your home.

I love textiles – the feel of the texture of fabric, yarn, or rugs. Use of texture in design always produces interest. Balance is key in setting up a room. One can always tell when walking into a room if something seems “off.” It’s almost always Balance. Harmony is when it all works beautifully together. Juxtaposition is a favorite of mine – that antique chair next to a modern painting resinates with me. And scale – when the grand piano just does not fit into an apartment.

My experience has lead me to many re-models. In today’s economy, we cannot just decide to change out the sofa because we’re sick of it – or will it fit into the new loft? Sioux Falls is on the move with a vibrant downtown area being built. Maybe a pair of new chairs and a new paint color would be an inexpensive way to update, along with new pillows and artwork.

With several projects at Dow Rummel and another at Touchmark, you and your family need an experienced professional that can make quick decisions on what will or will not work. With a scaled floor plan, I’ve interspersed your antiques with new pieces to fit the apartments. New window treatments compliment the scheme. It still needs to feel like “home.”

New construction is a favorite if mine. It’s a clean, blank slate – one that you and I can draw on. I’m a firm believer in utilizing your family life-style, your likes and dislikes, and helping you to achieve a lovely, comfortable living space. Personal attention and being very “hands-on” are my mainstay.

I look forward to helping you achieve your new endeavors and reflecting your style.